Admin commands

indicator: Changes the command indicator to any single character. By default, it's '!'. If more than one character is provided, the first one is used!
rating: '0' is fully sfw (Derpi and e621 searches are disabled), '1' is filtered (kitty auto appends a sfw tag on any searches), '2' is nsfw (any search will go through). Some other words are supported for setting filter as well.
guildrolenotallowed, rolelistremove: Removes a role from the list that users are allowed to add to themselves.
guildroleallowed, rolelistadd: Adds role to the list of roles users are allowed to add to themselves.

Mod commands

poll: 'start' will start a new poll with the query of the line you put after, 'choice' will add a choice to the poll, 'stop' will end the poll
givebeans: Gives beans to the mentioned users!
rpg: Admin+ command only right now - experimental text RPG! Format is !rpg

General commands

addguildrole, roleadd, addrole: Add a role to yourself!
c++, g++, cplus, cpp: Will try to compile any c++ code you put in! Supports up to C++14 standard, uses g++.
yeet: Yeet yourself or yeet a friend with @!
guildroleremove, roleremove, removerole: Removes a role from you! Just remember to spell it right!
bethistory: Gives how many beans I've ~~stolen~~ won from your bets!
info, about: Provides author info and a link to Kitty's website
eightball, 8ball: Answers a yes or no question! Warning: Kitty can not actually tell the future, she claims no responsibility for any lion mauling, lack of lottery wins, or felony charges.
bet: Allows you to bet your beans, set your amount after the command! Warning! House always wins! Sets of 3 will get 2x, 4 will get 10x, and 5 will get 1000x
java, jdoodle: Will compile any java code you put in! Supports Java 1.8
catch: Play catch with yourself or with a friend with @!
results: Will show current results of a poll and percentages of votes per choice
wolfram: Will query wolframalpha with your question and give a full image output of the answer
perish, thenperish: Adds a red, 'a n g e r y' overlay to your icon or the icon of a friend you mentioned
benchmark, bench: Allows you to lookup PC component benchmarks from UserBenchmark! You can use `bench find ` to see what's in the database, `bench info ` to look at a specific component, or the experimental `bench compare` commands!
rpend: Ends RP in channel and gives you a .txt file!
tony, stark, dontfeelgood, dontfeelsogood, snap: Snaps your icon or the icon of a friend you mentioned
tradebeans: Give your friends some of your beans! Just don't forget to @ them!
rolelist: No help text has been added yet for CommandGuildRoleList!
boop: Kitty will react with a counter
role: Will show the current role you have, Admins can change others roles with input of 'role x @y' with x being blacklist, general, mod, or admin. Blacklist will not allow the user to interact with kitty anymore, general mod and admin will give the user access to those commands.
ping: Will respond with Pong!
roll: Based on input of xdy where x is number of dice and y is faces kitty will roll that amount of dice, display the individual rolls and total
blur: Blurs your icon or the icon of a friend you mentioned
choose: With an input of x,y,z where x y and z are all choices, kitty will choose one
rpstart: Starts an rp, add people to it by mentioning them!
derp: Will search derpibooru for the tags entered, if KittyBot's content filter allows it
teey: Teey yourself back into existance, or teey a friend with @!
beans: Displays how many beans you have
vote: Vote in a poll with the choice number, won't work if no poll is running, you can't change your vote once you have cast it! Be careful!
map: Generates a map! You can pass additional information if you want with the flags `-s-w-h`. If one of the fields isn't provided, its default will be used. Note that adjusting the width and height impacts the map outcomes. Default seed: Random, Default Width: 35(max 50), Default Height: 25(max 35)
e621: Will search e621 for the tags entered, if KittyBot's content filter allows it
showpoll: Will show the current poll running
defaultdance: y'all know forknife, get ready to dance, or make a friend dance with @!
help: Lets you look up specific commands, or get a link to a list of all commands.
fetch: Throw a custom emote and I'll try to bring it back.... maybe
crouton: Crouton